Contact Lehigh Engineering, LLC

Contact Lehigh Engineering LLC

 Lehigh Engineering, LLC
200 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, PA. 17901
Phone: 570.628.2300 | Fax: 570.622.2612
A Rich Family-Owned Company

Rodd J. White, P.E.
Firm Manager
[email protected]

  Bill Anders, SEO, BCO
Manager of Engineering Services
[email protected]

Ted Puschak, Jr., P.E
Manager of Mining Engineering
[email protected]

Jeanette M. Miller
Senior Project Manager
[email protected]

Ralph Hummel
Building Code Official
[email protected]

Eric T. Bella
Mining Engineer
[email protected]

Corey R. Parry, E.I.T
Project Manager
[email protected]

Michael Hydock
Project Designer
[email protected]

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE, MCP
Fire Protection Engineer, Building Design Engineer, Building Code Consultant/Inspector

Andrew R. Drumheller
Project Manager
[email protected]

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